What Your Bridesmaids Are Really Thinking


Your bridesmaids have a big role! They will stick by your side throughout your wedding planning, as well as stand by you on your big day, as you vow your love to your partner. However, with so many tasks to complete and take part in, are you aware of how your bridesmaids may be feeling?

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Exciting Wedding Ceremony Exit Ideas

wedding exit

Being pronounced husband and wife will be one of the best feelings in the world! After vowing your love to your partner, sealing it with a kiss, and making your way back down the aisle, you will get to exit your wedding as newlyweds.

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Creative Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

wedding guest book

With many guests attending your big day, you will certainly want to remember each and every person who celebrated with you. Traditionally, you will discover a guest book at a wedding, which your friends and family members can sign as a remembrance of all who enjoyed your festivities with you.

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Wedding Flowers for the Traditional Ceremony

wedding flowers

One of the best things about hosting a traditional wedding is that it will be a timeless celebration filled with beautiful wedding flowers. When creating your décor, flowers will be the center of attention, so they should certainly be chosen with care.

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Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece Inspiration

wedding centerpiece

It’s no surprise that flowers are the main element of décor utilized within weddings. Gorgeous blooms are seen all throughout weddings, from your ceremony altar to your reception’s tables. With flowers being so traditional, you can step outside of the box and choose a unique, non-floral centerpiece.

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Choose A Unique Wedding Cake Alternative

wedding cake alternative

Wedding cakes are of course delicious! Who could resist towers of tiers comprised of delectable flavors, scrumptious fillings, and stunning décor?! Within a wedding, there is no doubt that the cake is well-looked forward to by each and every guest.

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Unique Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids


Your bridesmaids, being such important women within your life, will stand beside you as you vow your love to your partner on your wedding day. Comprised of your closest family members and most appreciated friends, the bridesmaids you choose will take the time to join you as you discover your dream wedding dress, assist you with your planning, and host a festive bachelorette party for you.

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Popular 2017 Wedding Trends

wedding trends

In today’s world, as you plan your wedding, you will encounter many trends. Throughout the years, the world of weddings has evolved, and still continues to today. 2017 offers so many beautiful and unique wedding trends, which can inspire your big day to stand out from the rest.

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Choose the Best Style for Your Wedding

wedding style

When it comes to developing your wedding, you will certainly have an array of styles to choose from. The style you choose will overall create the entire appearance of your big day, as all of the elements will work together to showcase a beautiful, cohesive appearance.

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