Tips for Planning Your Wedding Photography

planning your wedding photography

Photography is such a big part of your wedding! After all, it is how you will remember such a special event within your life. Seeing as your memories will all be showcased within your gorgeous images, you will want to ensure that you hire the right photographer and plan your photos to be represented as “picture perfect”.

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Consider Insurance for Your Wedding

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Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life! You will spend many months planning each and every detail, ensuring that it perfectly represents your vision. With such a special event comes a large price tag. After all, each element of your day must be paid for in order to receive the services from you vendors.

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Create Your Big Wedding to Be an Intimate Affair

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With many guests attending your wedding, it may seem more like a party than an intimate event. You will have so many guests who you would like to personally spend time with throughout the day, and a large setting may take away from the intimate feeling that you would like to reflect.

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Painted Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

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Spring has arrived, and Summer isn’t too far ahead. Seeing as we are heading into the prime of wedding season, you may be planning your own big day. As you make decisions, such as which foods to serve as your entrees within your scrumptious menu or which hairstyle would best complement your look, you can also decide to add some creativity to your wedding with a painted color palette.

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Don’t Have Regrets on Your Wedding Day!


As a bride and groom planning your big day, you will certainly be making many decisions. The decisions you make will overall depict the outcome of your wedding, from the food you serve to the music that is performed. With so many elements comprising your big day, surely it can become overwhelming, which may cause you to second guess the details you have chosen.

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Thoughts That Will Cross Your Mind When Wedding Dress Shopping

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As a bride to-be, you will take part in one of the most exciting events within your wedding planning, your wedding dress shopping! With many styles of gowns to choose from, along with the details and even the color, you may seem a bit overwhelmed as you begin browsing boutiques for “the one”.

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Tasks to Complete the Morning of Your Wedding


Your wedding is such a big day! From the second you wake up until you venture off onto your honeymoon, you can expect to be quite occupied. And, while your big day will be entirely full of excitement, things have the potential to get quite chaotic, making it easy for potential tasks that you should complete to slip your mind.

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Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows


From the moment you fell in love with your partner, you haven’t been able to deny your feelings for them. Making memories, enjoying each other’s company, learning new skills and lessons in life together, you have formed a unique and undeniable bond. You know how you feel about your partner, but when writing your wedding vows, you may not know how to put it into words.

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How to Begin Planning Your Big Day


Setting your eyes on the ring for the first time, and knowing that it is perfect, just as your partner is! Now you are engaged to the love of your life, and you can begin planning your wedding day. From your entertainment to your dress, there is a long list of things to do to create your big day. Planning the perfect wedding day is such a wonderful way to begin your marriage.

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Do You Know How to Write the Best Wedding “Thank You” Note?

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It goes without saying that your wedding is an important moment within your life. After all, your life is about to change in such a wonderful way. Keep in mind that your loved ones are also affected by your big day. From cancelling plans, expensive travel or even arranging for a babysitter, you should know that your guests will do all that they can to attend your big day.

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