Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring for The Groom


Wedding rings are gorgeous! They are not only beautiful in appearance, but in symbolization as well. The round circle represents the never-ending love that you and your partner will vow to each other, so they should certainly be chosen with a great deal of consideration, as you will wear them for the rest of your lives.

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Top Tips for Choosing the Officiant for Your Big Day

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Your officiant plays a key role within your wedding, and are often considered the master of ceremony. Joining two people together in marriage is no task to take lightly. Neither is choosing your own wedding officiant. This speaker will create your ceremony atmosphere, as well as speak those golden words that will make your fiancé your new spouse.

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These Wedding Trends are Wonderful Inspiration for Your Big Day


When it comes to your everyday life, from your wardrobe to your lifestyle, you may enjoy staying current with the modern trends. You can do this when planning your wedding too. There are many trends that will come and go within the wedding world, and you can use the most current ones to add a special flair to your big day.

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Happy Bride

We had a wonderful experience having our wedding at Mountain House on Sunday River, and are really, really happy with how everything turned out!

Mountain House is unique for a number of reasons that really appealed to us. We really wanted to go the DIY route and choose our own vendors (including food), and Mountain House is ideally suited for that. Having lodging on-site for two days let us take more time to prep and decorate, and make the wedding feel like our home; we also felt less stressed about setup and breakdown. The site is really well set up, with nice event bathrooms, a patio for setting up a tent, running power for DJ and lighting equipment, and for bringing in a caterer. But the best feature of all, of course, is the grounds, the stunning view of the mountains and forest. Our ceremony was absolutely beautiful.

We’re glad that we decided to have Julie work with us as our day of coordinator, and she and her husband Frank were extremely helpful during the final week of prep as well as the big day. She had useful recommendations on vendors she’s worked with as well.

We would definitely recommend Mountain House on Sunday River to couples looking for a unique, rustic, and beautiful Maine wedding.

Take a look at where wedding traditions are headed

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When planning a wedding, couples tend to look back on traditions for inspiration, or what they think they should be incorporating into their wedding. However, it is important to remember that your wedding should be just as unique as you are as a couple, and some traditions can be left behind, or even created into new traditions!

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Choose the perfect poses for your wedding photo booth entertainment


When someone pulls out a camera and asks you to pose, your mind can come up blank. What could you possibly do for a pose? The classic peace sign? Well, maybe there is a better one. How about the simple, big, cheesy grin? Surely not, something more original may work better. So, what are you left with, especially being put on the spot like that? Your mind can race and you may not come up with a suitable pose in time. Now the camera has been put away and your photographer is left with your “deer in the head lights” look.

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Choose the best colored bouquet for your big day


As a bride, your biggest accessory for your walk down the aisle is your bouquet. After putting your wedding ensemble together, grabbing your bridal bouquet, and joining arms with your father, or whomever is escorting you down the aisle, it’s time to make your grand entrance. Your walk down the aisle is not the only debut your bouquet will make. You will have the opportunity for a bouquet toss for all the single ladies at your wedding.

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Plan a wedding that represents you!

mountain-house-on-sunday-river-12-26-16Congratulations! You and your partner are engaged and planning your wedding day. This is such an exciting time for you, as you join your life with your soul mate forever. From your unique relationship to the people you are individually, you are one of a kind. Your wedding day is all about you as a couple and should represent who you are.

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Get creative with edible wedding favors!


Cancelling plans, rescheduling vacations, planning months in advance, your wedding guests are doing a lot to ensure that they will be present on your big day. They understand how important your wedding day is for your, and they want to be there with you to celebrate. Surely, it is an event that they will not miss.

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These Winter wedding trends will have your big day looking stylish


With Winter falling upon us, the world around is chilling to near freezing, and snow may be falling, coating the ground with sparkling ice. Winter is such a beautiful time of the year. It is also a perfect time for a wedding! Winter style consists of matching dazzling sparkles with elegant, neutral details, to create quite the image.

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