Painted Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

Mountain House on Sunday River 04-03-17

Spring has arrived, and Summer isn’t too far ahead. Seeing as we are heading into the prime of wedding season, you may be planning your own big day. As you make decisions, such as which foods to serve as your entrees within your scrumptious menu or which hairstyle would best complement your look, you can also decide to add some creativity to your wedding with a painted color palette.

From bright colors to intricate designs, you can bring a pop of color and style to your Spring or Summer wedding! What could complement the seasons of Spring or Summer better than that?

Here at Mountain House on Sunday River, we strive to bring each and every couple’s vision to life for their big day, as well as inspire them. That’s why we have gathered some inspiration for you to incorporate a painted color palette into your wedding. If you are interested in discovering more, be sure to continue reading:

  • Patterned dresses. Whether you plan on taking a non-traditional approach with your wedding dress, or would like to incorporate some style and color into your bridesmaid’s, you can choose a patterned dress. From florals to artsy designs, your dress serves as a great base for adding color and flair to your big day. Consider yellow and white, as it is an optimum color combination for reflecting the season of Spring. If you are seeking a more Summer appeal, shades of pink would certainly be ideal.
  • Paint your cake. While wedding cakes can reflect an all-white appearance, if you plan to go more traditional, you can jazz it up with edible paint! With a steady hand, you baker can paint a masterpiece among your cake, providing color, intricate designs, and the season of Spring or Summer. This is your opportunity to get creative, and impress your wedding guests with a sight that is not often seen.
  • Bouquet of greenery. If your wedding is full of color, you can complement each shade with a gorgeous bridal bouquet comprised of greenery. Ferns are an outstanding chioce, as they offer such a natural beauty that will certainly be cherished. Consider also incorporating some berries and foliage, to allow the greenery to pop even more. This is the perfect choice to complement your walk down the aisle, especially if you have chosen a colorful patterned dress.

Your wedding should be anything but ordinary, as it should be a day that is unique to you and your partner. If you are still seeking a gorgeous Newry, Maine wedding venue, Mountain House on Sunday River awaits you! Be sure to contact us today to schedule your private tour.


Photo Credit: Lexi Lowell Photography