Tasks to Complete the Morning of Your Wedding


Your wedding is such a big day! From the second you wake up until you venture off onto your honeymoon, you can expect to be quite occupied. And, while your big day will be entirely full of excitement, things have the potential to get quite chaotic, making it easy for potential tasks that you should complete to slip your mind.

Are you aware of some of the tasks that you should take part in the morning of your big day?

Here at Mountain House on Sunday River, we are so grateful for the opportunity to host weddings! That’s why we have gathered some of the top tasks that you should complete the morning of your big day. If you are curious to learn more, be sure to continue reading:

  • Relax! First off, it is important to remember that this is your big day! So, you should nothing less than at ease. Take a moment for yourself, and if you have time, opt for a massage or a trip to the spa before your beauty appointments. Pamper yourself, have a couple mimosas, and ease into your special day with comfort.
  • Be sure to eat. On your wedding day, you may be filled with nerves. Your stomach might not be feeling up to par as butterflies flood it, but it is very important to make sure that you eat! Choose some fresh fruit, juice, and whole grains, for a healthy start to your day. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated with lots of water. The last thing you would want is to feel faint as you walk down the aisle.
  • Remember the details. While you have most likely planned your big day to perfection, sometimes the little details can slip your mind. Did you know that the marriage license is one of the top items that brides and grooms accidentally forget to bring with them on their big day? So, be sure that it is on the top of your list of items to grab! Also, elements such as bridal jewelry and even the garter can be easily bypassed. It is a great idea to make a checklist to ensure that nothing is missed.

Every wedding is unique and beautiful in its own way! However, you can ensure that you are even better prepared for yours by following these tips. Here at Mountain House on Sunday River, we would be honored to host your big day. If you are still searching for a Newry, Maine venue, be sure to contact us today.


Photo Credit: Lexi Lowell Photography