Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows


From the moment you fell in love with your partner, you haven’t been able to deny your feelings for them. Making memories, enjoying each other’s company, learning new skills and lessons in life together, you have formed a unique and undeniable bond. You know how you feel about your partner, but when writing your wedding vows, you may not know how to put it into words.

More than anything, it’s likely that you want your partner to know the extent of your love, how deeply passionate and in love you are with them.

Here at Mountain House on Sunday River, we know how important it is to express your love for your partner, especially within your wedding vows. That’s why we have put together a few tips for writing your own wedding vows, for those of you who may need a little inspiration. If you are finding yourself at a standstill with your own vows, keep sure to keep reading to become inspired:

  • Promise your time. Time is one of the most important things you can give to a person. Your partner deserves your time. Although life may get in the way, such as long nights at work or anything else that will take away your quality time together, you can still promise your partner the world on a silver platter. And, although they would surely appreciate it, all they really want is your time. Promise your time to your partner, and they will be beyond pleased.
  • Vow to show you care. Your partner means the world to you. They are the peanut butter to your jelly, and they love you unconditionally. You certainly love them just as much. It’s important to show your partner how much you care, not just say it. You can vow to always show you care, for the rest of your life.
  • Pledge to make them feel special. When you fell in love with your partner, you knew there was something special about them. Whether it was the person they are, the person that you are with them, or just how incredible they make your life, they are special. After all, they are special enough for you to promise the rest of your life to. Remind them every day how special they are to you, and make them feel special in return. Pledging to make them feel special for the rest of your life together, will certainly warm their heart.

There may be many things that you want to say to your partner, that you will want to promise them. These are just a few things that you can vow to your partner. Here at Mountain House on Sunday River, we want to help make your wedding day special. If you are in search of the perfect Newry, Maine wedding venue, be sure to contact us today.


Photo Credit: Lexi Lowell Photography

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